Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reasons of the Proposed Suggestions (Monita #353)

353.  All of us who have joined the militia of the Somascan Congregation, from the very beginning have set for ourselves this goal: to uproot the shortcomings which disfigure and deface one’s soul; to avoid the occasions of sin which in the world occur so numerous at every step; and to ascend through the steps of virtues to the apex of perfection.  We must keep this end before our spirit in such a way that we will never take away our interior eyes from it.  In this way, full of solicitude to obtain it, we will welcome what is offered as a valid aid in our Constitutions.  Therefore, here are the main suggestions for the development of an interior life.  Those who are eager for spiritual growth will welcome them as commands of the Lord and will observe them diligently.

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