Saturday, February 28, 2015



In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
Our Father. Hail Mary. Creed. Hail, Holy Queen.
Our dear Father, Lord Jesus Christ, because of your infinite goodness we ask you to restore the Christian people to the sanctity of life of the time of the Apostles.
Hear us, O Lord, because you are kind and merciful. In your compassion, look upon us. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on us (repeat 3 times).
May the power of God the Father, the wisdom of His Son, and the strength of the Holy Spirit and the glorious Virgin Mary guide and protect me on the journey toward peace, love, and prosperity. Also, may the Angel Raphael, who assisted Tobias, be always with me everywhere I am and go. My dear Jesus, my dear Jesus, my dear Jesus, my love and my God, I trust in you so that I never be disappointed.
(The invitation to pray for a true trust in the Lord follows)
Let us put our trust in our good Lord and let us have true hope in Him alone because those who hope in Him will never be disappointed but will be firmly established upon solid rock. In order to obtain such a holy grace, we invoke the Mother of Graces by saying: Hail Mary.
Let us again thank our Lord, God and heavenly Father, for all the gifts and graces He has bestowed and continues to bestow on us. Let us pray that in the future He may help us in all our spiritual and material needs: Our Father.
Let us again invoke the Blessed Virgin that she may pray to her delightful Son for all of us, so that he may make us humble and meek of heart, bring us to love His divine Majesty above all things, and our neighbor as ourselves, that He may uproot our vices, increase our virtues, and give us His holy peace: Hail Mary.
May God grant you peace (people may exchange a sign of peace).
Let us also pray to God for His most perfect Church in heaven, that is, for the Blessed, so that their joy may grow; for the perfect Church on earth, that is, for those who are in His grace, so that He may increase their virtues and grace, and preserve them in the observance of His commandments; for the imperfect Church, that is, the sinners, so that He may grant them conversion of life and remission of sins; for the atoning Church, so that He may free them from torments and grant them eternal glory; for those who will become His Church, that is, those who are unbelievers now but to whom in the future He may grant the light of faith.
After saying an “Our Father” and a “Hail Mary,” in our hearts let us ask the Lord for the things mentioned above.
Then an “Hail Mary” for Monsignor Cardinal Of Chieti and for Father Cajetan and his Congregation, for the Capuchin Fathers, For Father Paul and his Companions, for Mother Andrea and Mother Archangela and Sister Bonaventura, for Madonna Elisabetta Capello, and Madonna Cecilia. Then an “Hail Mary” for all our Fathers who are present and absent and are about to join us in these holy works; for all the stewards and all the brothers who are entrusted in their service, so that the Lord may grant them perfect charity, deep humility, and patience because of the love for His Majesty. Then for all the benefactors of all our works, for the procurators, the bursars, the spenders, and for those who provide these works with help, advice, and favors: Hail Mary.
Then for ….
Then for those who rely on our prayers, for those who pray to God for us and those to whom we owe prayers, for our friends and enemies and for the deceased faithful, especially our parents, brothers and sisters, and especially for our father Jerome and all the other brothers of the Company and all the deceased of these pious works: Hail Mary.
Then let us raise our mind to God and pray that because of His mercy He may hear our prayers, make up for our mistakes because He is the beginning, means, end, and fulfillment of every good.
Pray in this way or in others as the Lord may inspire you.
Then, we may continue to pray mentally for the space of a “Miserere.” Them we may continue:
Let all of us be humbled before our heavenly Father as prodigal sons who have squandered every spiritual and material good by living badly. Therefore, let us ask for His mercy by saying: Mercy, grant us your mercy, Son of the living God. O God, help me, a sinner. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Then the priest says a prayer as the Lord may inspire. At the end, we shall say three “Our Fathers” and three “hail Mary,” very softly, with arms crossed, by praying in memory of the three nails by which He wanted to be crucified, so that He may grant us the grace of despising this world and ourselves.
And let us pray for the Church so that She may return to the early condition of Holy Church, and so that peace and harmony may return among the Christian leaders, and united in holy peace, they may march against the infidels and heretics in order to convert them and lead them under the yoke of the holy Catholic Church.

Then we shall say an “Our Father” and a “Hail Mary” in secret for the glory of all Saints, all the angels, archangels, especially those who guard us, so that they may protect us from any temptations of the world, flesh, and evil; so that they may present our lukewarm prayers to our Lord God and beseech Him to bear with us and spare us from every backbiting and rash judgment, and lead us in truth on His holy way.

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